Administrator Rights

  Frankl 17:11 25 Apr 04

How do I get administrator rights for my PC ?

  spikeychris 17:13 25 Apr 04

Whatever flavour of Windows you are using you will need an admin account to have admin rights.

  end 17:22 25 Apr 04

one the computer you are talking about at home or at work; i.e. why do you require administrator rights? our system at work HAS these , but not my own at home.or are you talkign about a system at work?

  spikeychris 17:33 25 Apr 04

Doesn't matter if its home work or whatever, to have admin rights he/she will need an admin account.

  end 20:56 25 Apr 04

and, dare I say it, none of which answers the original question.....(I will "exit" hopfully gracefully....)

  temp003 02:51 26 Apr 04

What version of Windows are you using?

spikeychris is right, whatever OS that uses Administrator rights, to have Adm rights, the user account type must be an Administrator account.

The first account created during the XP installation is always an Administrator account.

To create further Administrrator user accounts, you need to log on to your OS using an existing Adm account, then create another user account and specify the type to be Administrator.

If you clarify what problem you're facing, someone may be able to give you more detailed help.

  Frankl 14:19 26 Apr 04

Am using Winxp at home.Looked for a download that would disable Windows Messenger, found Shoot the messenger athtp://
tried to download, got a message " need administrator rights "
Was reccomended to wipe Win Messenger for security reasens - unwanted pop-ups !

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