Administrator Account or User Account?

  Snrub 30 Jan 12

I have read on Get Safe Online :- It’s also a good idea not to use your computer in administrator mode. It’s better to make a user account and log in with that for day-to-day use.

However, when anlaysing security on my computer with Belarc Advisor it ticks User Accounts as a security risk.

Any views on this topic plse.

  buteman 30 Jan 12

If you don't have your user account set as administrator there are some programs that you will not be able to download or open or remove.

I would say yes you would need to use your account in administrative mode.

  Bris 30 Jan 12

It may be a conflict of terminology. A user account can either be one with or without administrator privileges. A user account with admin privileges can access system files and make changes to the registry whereas a standard user account cant. Its always advisable to surf under an account without admin privileges as this prevents any malware that you may pick up from installing programs and altering the registry. It may be flagging "user accounts" because the user accounts you are using have admin privileges.

  Snrub 30 Jan 12

Quote 'It may be flagging "user accounts" because the user accounts you are using have admin privileges'

No the user accounts don't have admin privilages but they may be flagged because there is no password protection on them (only family have access to them)

Using the 'user accounts' I find restrictive so end up using Administrative Account as I am sure most people do even though it's not recommended.


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