Administrator account with "not enough privileges"

  Stonechatz 10:59 23 Feb 08

I am attempting to access the other two computers in my workgroup from my Compaq Presario 1525ea laptop (WinXPHomeSP2). When I attempt to do so, it generates a message that 'I do not have enough privileges to perform this action - please contact your system administrator'. I am already in the only Administrator account on this laptop - is there any way of configuring Administrator privileges at all - as I thought that such accounts were no-holds-barred by default? The other 2 computers can see the Compaq, but they are allowed no access.

  Kemistri 15:43 23 Feb 08

Virtually nothing is fully open in Windows, except for security flaws! And MS's decision to omit the advanced users and groups snap-in from XP Home was a real oddity. However, this is almost certainly not about account permissions (despite the generic message) because XP Home's default power user group permissions are correct for LAN sharing, including file push/pull and writing. I expect that you have not properly configured one or more of the clients' firewalls -- few people do that correctly, it seems.

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