admin password for formatting c drive

  InCog 14:08 28 May 07

I am trying to format my c drive using my XP disk before giving the PC to my son. However, when I got to the admin password in the recovery console, I typed in my password and it didn't work. So, I went in user accounts and deleted it. When I re-entered the recovery console, it still prompts for a password. What can it be?

  James1947 14:29 28 May 07

Have you tried not entering a password (just press ENTER) and seeing what happens.

  InCog 14:30 28 May 07

I have. After three attempts, it tells me to restart the PC.

  bremner 14:31 28 May 07

Don't go through the recovery console - just follow the instructions to a new install.

  InCog 14:31 28 May 07

OK. Will this also format the c drive?

  bremner 14:56 28 May 07

Yes - choose to install it on your existing Windows partition, it will reformat and do a clean install

  lotvic 22:16 28 May 07

What make of PC is it? there may be a hidden partition that will allow you to take it back to 'factory fresh' install.

how to reinstall click here
ways to reinstall click here

don't forget you will need all the drivers for cards etc. and most important the XP serial key

(apologies if you already knew this)

  InCog 07:57 29 May 07

I reinstalled XP and that gave the option of formatting the c drive. Thanks.

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