adfarm mediaplex

hi just this morning, when i come to this site i have no adverts and a smaller second window opens (blank) with the above in the address bar.
this is my second pc and im not overly used to how the av works.
i have scanned with kaspersky is6 and adaware both have found nothing, ggogle brings up nothing, is this something wrong with settings (only the second time this pc has come on the net using ie7
any ideas?

has it always been there? feel a bit daft now! i think this is the first time i've logged to this site with kaspersky, i've been coming here for nearly 10 months and i have never seen it before (does norton block it?) reason i ask is it just popped up when i logged on, sorry for post, it's just i havnt seen it before!

and why is it blank?

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