addressbook in WinLiveMail

  Naomi1 21:28 16 Apr 11

Before I installed Win7 on a clean PC I backed-up the WinLiveMail-map on another PC from C:\users\etc. on an external drive. In WinLiveMail I tried to import the adressbook from that backup, but the program only allows me to import .csv-, .wab- and .vcf-files, and addresses from present windows user. Rather limited possibilities, I think.

So I want to drag-and-drop the files to the present C:\etc\WinLiveMail folder. But what is the name of that addressbook, with what extension?

  rdave13 22:40 16 Apr 11

Usually they are .eml files. If you get an extension of .fol then the folder is empty. Win 7 uses WLM 2011 and Vista uses WLM. Your saved mails should import, though, through WLM 2011. Just select the folders in your saved folder that show .eml file extension.

  rdave13 22:58 16 Apr 11

Just re-read your post. Did you use the 'export' function in WLM to a specific folder, usually the only method, or did you drag the .eml folder from explorer to a drive?

  Naomi1 11:27 17 Apr 11

Gentlemen, the problem is the Addressbook, not the mails!

  rdave13 11:47 17 Apr 11

Miss read your post, sorry, have a look at these;


  rdave13 13:46 17 Apr 11

This may also be useful. Copying your contacts using notepad and saving to a new folder as contacts.csv.

  Naomi1 10:41 18 Apr 11

The method of exporting, within WLM, the addressbook to a .csv-file on a stick, and importing from that stick into WLM on the other PC worked fine. Thanks.

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