ADDON Router GWAR-3500 cannot connect to server

  welshery 25 Nov 10

Someone please help me. I am not computer literate, but can manage my way round common issues. I have been using an ADDON wireless router model GWAR-3500 for about 9 months now with no problems. However this week my son purchased a new laptop and I have been trying to log onto the router configurations settings webpage using which is the isp router number I have always used. However, I can no longer connect to this anymore. I have googled this issue and it seems to be a common problem, but I cant really find an answer to it. I dare not reboot the router or use set up again just in case I lose connection altogether. Does anyone have any ideas pretty please.......

  mgmcc 25 Nov 10

If you've already been connecting "wirelessly" to the router with your computer, it shouldn't be necessary to go into the configuration pages for your son's new Laptop to connect to it as well.

Assuming he's using Windows 7, it should only be necessary to click the Network icon on the Taskbar to see the available wireless networks and then select the option to connect to your network.

If you are trying to access the router's configuration pages, are you doing it from *your* computer, which will already have an IP address allocated by the router? Typing in from your son's Laptop, if it hasn't already connected to the router to get its IP address, isn't going to work.


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