Addition/Subtraction on a website? (mathematical)

  Charence 13:43 12 Jul 05

How would addition/subtraction calculations be carried out on a website?

Reason I'm asking is because I would like a link to link from one page to the next or previous (e.g. Page 1 to Page 2). The page is dynamic and uses PHP, it retrieves the data it displays from a MySQL database.

I have figured out that SQL can do this e.g. 2+5 is SELECT 2+5, however, I've been unsuccessful doing this on the net.

Thank you,


  harristweed 08:57 13 Jul 05

I assume you are trying to create a next page or go to page navigation.

Here is a tutotial that may help.

click here

  Charence 16:57 13 Jul 05

Thank you so much!!! The information I was looking for was indeed on that page! Thank you.


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