Adding wireless network to a wired one

  Pamrap 19:17 22 May 05

I have a simple ethernet network at home. I use a hub to connect 2 desktop and 2 laptops. The laptops are wireless enabled and I would like to know how to include them on the network wirelessly so I can use them more freely. The present network shares a broadband connection. The main desktop is connected by a Sagem USB ADSL
Any help appreciated.
Most of the machines are XP.

  mgmcc 23:17 22 May 05

You just need to plug a "Wireless Access Point" into your existing hub for the laptops to be able to connect wirelessly to the existing "wired" network.

However, it might not be that much more expensive to get a combined Router/ADSL Modem and do the job properly, thus eliminating the need to use "Internet Connection Sharing" and to have a 'host' PC running and online to be able to have Internet access with the other networked PCs.

  Pamrap 12:18 23 May 05

Thanks. Is there a particular model for either of these solutions that you would recommend or minimum specs I should look for?

  mgmcc 14:01 23 May 05

Belkin Wireless Access Point - click here

Linksys Wireless Access Point - click here

D-Link combined Router/ADSL Modem - click here

Belkin combined Router/ADSL Modem - click here

A very popular combined wireless Modem/Router is the Netgear DG834G - click here - but as I use cable broadband, I don't have personal experience of ADSL devices. I have generally used Belkin kit for networking and found it to work well.

  Pamrap 14:46 23 May 05

Thank you very much for your help

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