adding text into the head of my webpage

  herc182 12:40 09 Jan 06

hey everyone.

i am trying to add text to the head of my webpage so that it may be picked up in keyword searches. however, i used frontpage to design the webpage and have no clue about HTML code! can anyone tell me how to, for example, add "keyword, keyword, keyword" to the head of my webpage without it appearing in the actual



  Forum Editor 13:13 09 Jan 06

right click on the page and select 'page properties' Click on the 'General' tab and in the box labelled 'keywords' type the words that might relate to your page if typed into a search engine. Separate the words by a comma and a space.

  herc182 14:01 09 Jan 06

thanks FE.

unfortunately i am at work and dont have access to frontpage! whether i should be updating my webpage whilst at work is another question!

how could i do the same but with code using


  Forum Editor 14:29 09 Jan 06

click on the html view in FP, so the page code is revealed.

the tags must go between <head> and </head> and a simple tag would look like this:-


<title>name of your page</title>

<meta name="description" content="PCA forums are great!">


  herc182 15:03 09 Jan 06

so meta name signifies keywords for keyword search?

so eg if i wanted to put "PCA" and "webpage" as the keywords i would do the following:

<meta name="description" content="PCA, webpage">

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