Adding an SSD to an OEM PC

  phoenix198 07:21 14 Oct 10

I have a Mesh i5 750 PC base unit which performs very well and (I must be one of the lucky ones) has been very reliable in just over one year's use.

I would like to add a SSD as a boot drive, and use the original 1Tb HDD as a data/games store. Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to simply install the SSD then restore the Mesh's operating system (Windows 7 HP) onto the SSD from the original 1Tb HDD's recovery partition?

Thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 08:11 14 Oct 10

Maybe something here. click here, though it's generally recommended to do a fresh install when using a SSD for optimal performance.

  scotty 10:00 14 Oct 10

Some SSDs come with kits to make the swap simple. Example click here

  phoenix198 15:14 14 Oct 10

Thanks - few interesting bits and pieces there. I have previously done a 'clean' install of a retail copy of Windows 7 64-bit to a SSD boot drive on a home-built system and remember that it had a slightly different sequence from 'normal' installations to a HDD. As I recall it created a small hidden partition on the SSD for nefarious (TRIM?) purposes then I had to perform a couple of registry hacks to optimise Windows 7 for a SSD, and move my default Libraries and data stores to to the 'slave' HDD.

I suppose the real question is: does a reinstallation of Windows 7 from an OEM Recovery partition (or even from a Recovery Image backed up to DVD) go through the same installation process(es) if it recognises that it is being installed onto a SSD?

  phoenix198 15:19 14 Oct 10

Thanks - I was looking at a similar deal from eBuyer for the Corsair 60GB Force SSD 2.5" SATA-II but my question was really a software installation one rather than a hardware sourcing one :)

  phoenix198 15:35 14 Oct 10

OK, that makes sense. Don't suppose you know whether installing from a non-SSD recovery image to a SSD will do this?

  gengiscant 17:44 14 Oct 10

Can you remember what the regitry hacks you did, I have had a 64GB Kingston SSD since I built this PC and am always on the lookout for a tweak or two. In fact similar to the Scotty link.

  phoenix198 18:18 14 Oct 10

Windows 7 apparently automatically applies some changes compared to a standard HDD install but I found the tweaks and optimisations detailed here click here worked well with an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD.

At the absolute minimum, disable defragmentation on an SSD.

  phoenix198 18:23 14 Oct 10

In two minds about whether to go down the Acronis image file route or 'risk it for a biscuit' direct from the Recovery Partition image.

Either way, I reckon some of the advice click here and linked from there should be useful to fine tune the installation.

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