Adding an SSD

  steve587 23 May 12

I want to add an SSD to my current system (Vista 32 bit) and assume I will need to re-install Vista OS to the SSD in order to make it my boot drive. Wondering what will happen to the original version installed on my HDD, with all the updates and Service Packs etc.??? Will Vista recognise and access these from the HHD, even though it has booted from the SSD?

  rdave13 23 May 12

I can only say how I did it and I'm sure there are other methods. With the original HDD in place I first cloned it to another HDD in an usb caddy. Just as a precaution as I wanted to use the original HDD for data and it was younger than the 'cloned' HDD.

I'm running Win 7 so you will have to find out if Vista will align the SSD drive correctly.

I then physically removed the Sata drive and installed the SSD then did a fresh install of Win 7. Installed an AV as soon as, then optimized the drive with a freebie called SSD Fresh, link, then did the updates. Once I was happy with the installation,security, etc I then insalled a Hard drive manager.(Note the SSD drive should be in the first sata slot on the motherboard sometimes numbered "0" or "1". I put the original HDD in the usb caddy and reformated the old C: partition then physically installed it in the PC in slot 2. That was then my data hard drive.

I didn't need to go to the bios to change to Advanced HostController Interface but sometimes it's needed. That's about it but hopefully someone has even a better method.

  rdave13 23 May 12

One thing I missed was I also installed the mobo drivers obviously.

  hssutton 23 May 12

I just did a straight forward clone from my original 'C' drive W7 to my SSD drive, then moved the SSD to sata 1 position.

To format my original C Drive I just unplugged the sata connection and used a sata to usb cable

  rdave13 23 May 12

Two things to look out for. Vista does not support trim so find an SSD that has its own trim program, see this thread.

If you do a straight forward clone then check the partitions alignment, see here.

  hssutton 24 May 12


Thanks for the reminder, but I'd already been there and done that.

  rdave13 24 May 12

hssutton,I'm sure you had but as you'd bumped the thread I just remembered that Vista doesn't support trim but does align the partitions in a clean install (from what I've read). For steve587's benefit really.

  steve587 31 May 12

Thanks both for the feedback - the OCZ link is very useful.



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