Adding Signatures to Photos

  Spr 15:00 12 Apr 08

I am using Adobe CS3 Elements with Vista Home
To print photo that I have digitally taken, I would like to add my own signature to them is it possible if so how would I go about it.

Thank you

  LAP 16:14 12 Apr 08

1 Sign name in black ink on white paper.

2 Scan or take digital photo and save this to a folder.

3 In Elements open your ‘Signature’ image and crop off the surplus.

4 Then Enhance/Adjust Lighting/Levels. Move the ‘Light’ slider in and the ‘Black slider in to make your image sharp and bright. Then click ‘OK’.

5 Image/Resize/Image size. Alter width of image size to 1200. Then click ‘OK’

6 Edit/Define Brush. You should now see a thumbnail of your ‘Signature’. Then click ‘OK’

7 Ex out of the image of your ‘Signature’

8 Open a photo which you want to ‘Sign’

9 Click on ‘Brush Tool’ scroll down to the bottom of the brushes and your ‘Signature’ will be at the bottom. Double click on your ‘Signature’ brush and click on your photo. You can have it what size and colour you like.

  Forum Editor 16:15 12 Apr 08

of your signature, and save it as a transparent .gif

Then you can open the image in your photo editing software and superimpose the signature graphic. It will take a little experimentation to achieve the correct size, but it's easy enough.

  BT 16:16 12 Apr 08

If you mean a facsimilie of your own signature its simple. Just write your signature with a black pen (a fine felt tip is best) on a piece of plain white paper and scan it. Crop it as appropriate, make the background transparent, and save as a jpeg, bitmap, or what ever you want then superimpose it on your picture on a separate layer.

You can do this in most photo programs but I'm not sure what you mean by Adobe CS3 Elements

  LAP 16:19 12 Apr 08

The info that I have provided has come straight off The Elements 3 video tutorial disc.

  LAP 12:55 13 Apr 08

how did you get on?

  Spr 14:18 13 Apr 08

It's great
Thanks for all your help have just finished print out my first snap with signature on.

Thanks once again for the help

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