Adding regional weather to website

  madalex 14:10 02 May 06

I'm creating a website for a local bowling club, and thought that adding weather updates would keep people coming back.
I have had a look at previous discussions on the subject, and found a 'free'site.
I use Frontpage, and W.E. When I tried to inseert the HTML into my page, but when I reurned to the 'normal' page all I got was code, even when viewing through the browser.

can anyone help please?

  Forum Editor 00:20 03 May 06

it won't work if you do that - you must add it in code view.

  madalex 06:50 03 May 06

I did add the code into HTML, but it showed up as code in the correct place, in the normal view!!

  PurplePenny 19:37 03 May 06

Is the weather script definitely HTML?

  madalex 22:09 03 May 06

Yes - can you tell me what you are thinking?
I can't give you the page, as I am experimenting before adding it to my site.

  PurplePenny 14:08 04 May 06

I wondered whether it wasn't being recognised as another language and therefore HTML was interpreting it as just text.

Could you post where the script came from?

  madalex 15:08 04 May 06

The site I am using is click here
which I found through reading a former discussion thread, if anyone knows a better source, I should be grateful to learn about it. I like the lay-out but am not keen on anything that leaads the viewer away from my site, and into the 'trouble'

  PurplePenny 16:16 04 May 06

Hmm... can't see any reason why that wouldn't work. Have you checked that you got it all when you cut and pasted? It could be something as simple as a missing opening bracket.

Copy the code from your site, including the lines before and after, and paste it here and we'll see whether we can spot anything.

(You'll have to put spaces into the address contained in the code to stop the forum changing it into a "click here".)

  mco 16:17 04 May 06

I was going to suggest that one actually! I put it on my site once and it did work - so I wonder what's going wrong? Sorry not to be able to help as mine is in NOF not Front Page.

  madalex 18:56 04 May 06

It seems risky to me, but here goes!!

<script language="JavaScript"
src=" click here
&BGC=6DB171" >

  madalex 18:59 04 May 06

I'm sorry, Iput spaces -I think, but got the 'click here' after all I think I am about to give up - It would be apity though.

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