Adding an old-style five and a quarter floppy

  NChick 20:10 05 Mar 07

Hi again. For the purposes of backwards-compatibility, I want to fit a 5 1/4 floppy inside my Win XP machine. My motherboard is a Socket A M811 series, my processor an AMD Athlon 2400+, ram 512, hd 40gb and another 6gb, 256 ati radeon, onboard sound, twin panasonic DVDRWs, 1.44mb floppy, etc.
That's probably too much info but at least it's there if you need it!
I have two free bays but I don't recognise the port at the back of the 5 1/4 drives I've got. What cables do I need and are there any special consideration to be aware of?
Thanks in advance.

  Aargh 20:18 05 Mar 07

The most important consideration is why? 5 1/4 media has been obsolete for years

  NChick 20:23 05 Mar 07

I'm into retro-gaming you see, and if I come across a game on five and a quarter, I won't be able to play it! So please keep posting, people!

  Eric10 22:02 05 Mar 07

This is the type of cable you need click here

If you use the edge connector before the twist for your 5.25" drive it will be drive B: and if you use the usual 36pin connector after the twist for your 3.5" drive then that will be drive A:.

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