Adding new non wireless Laptop 2 existing network

I have a Netgear DG834GT router/modem, connected by ethernet cable to my PC upstairs. My wireless laptop uses the router, wirelessly, downstairs. My husband has to work from home tomorrow. He has a new laptop but it isn't wireless. If he works upstairs with it, does it just connect into the second "port" on the back of the router? If so would I need to adjust the firewall on my home PC to allow the laptop on the network. Although we don't really want the work laptop to be part of the network, I'm presuming that it will have to be in order for my husband to have access to the printer? Thanks in advance for all help!

  ade.h 17:24 31 Jul 06

I'll try to cover all your questions:

1) Use an Ethernet cable for convenience. A USB or PCMCIA adapter would be possible if you have one lying around, but installing its device driver might not be acceptable if the laptop was provided by his employer.
2) You will normally need to add a permission to the laptop's client firewall to use the LAN, and you may need to a rule in the printer host's firewall to accept printer traffic from the new client.
3) Yes, it will need to join the workgroup if printer sharing will be utilised.

1) I understand this- do have a USB adapter but believe that for security purposes it wont work on the work laptop.
2) Does this mean enter the laptop's firewall settings and make the LAN an exception?
3) OKOn a basic level do I just plug it in and see what transpires??Thanks again!

  ade.h 20:01 31 Jul 06

Depends on the firewall. In most cases, you would create a rule (in the Networking section) that refers to the LAN adapter being used and the range of IPs that it is likely to get from the router. Then you mark it as trusted. That's a simplified description and every firewall is different.

You can set the workgroup by clicking the Change button on the Computer Name tab of System Properties (right-click My Comp).

  ade.h 20:02 31 Jul 06

Remember to change it back again afterwards if it already belongs to a workgroup at your husband's office.

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