Adding more memory will I benefit ?

  FatboySlim71 23:34 11 Nov 04

My PC has a Pentium 4 3.4 GHZ,512MB PC3200 ram.I film weddings and put the wedding on to a DVD disc and need to make several copies of it,would adding another 512MB of ram make the copying process any faster.

  johnnyrocker 23:47 11 Nov 04

i would have thought so unless anyone knows better


  dan 11 23:58 11 Nov 04

No I do not

  dan 11 00:07 12 Nov 04

Sorry the cat decided to run over the keyboard:-)

It should read

No I do not think it would aid in the writing of the disk. This uses little memory. Try surfing the web, running a dvd film and burning a dvd disk at the same time. 512Mb of ram should accomplish this easy.

What it may aid is the rendering of the film ready for burning.

Sorry johnnyrocker but it I did not mean for that post to come up as it did. :-(

  Cook2 00:13 12 Nov 04

Personally FatboySlim71 I got a second 120 gig hard drive, to keep all my videos and backup pics. on, and stayed with 512Mb memory.

  johnnyrocker 00:14 12 Nov 04

nae prob dan cats can be apain;)


  billyliv 00:22 12 Nov 04

Hi, I doubled my memory about 6 months ago and haven't noticed a hapeworth of difference. Cheers, Bill

  dan 11 00:27 12 Nov 04


  Danoh 00:32 12 Nov 04

The DVD's max burn speed is the key limiting factor in the data I/O path.

But it won't hurt to help it all along with;
> defrag the HDD several times before you copy the video file over will ensure the data is written in contiguous pakages next to each other.
> storing the video on HDD and burn from the HDD to DVDs.
> mounting the DVD writer as the master on the IDE cable, ideally with no secondary device attached to the same IDE cable.

  johnnyrocker 00:35 12 Nov 04

wow seriously impressed.


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