Adding more memory

  silverspawn 22:18 07 Aug 10

I am planning on adding more memory to my computer it currently holds 2 corsair 2gb 800mhz 4 gb in total, if I wanted to add more memory will I add the same spec or could I add 1 4gb stick so i have 8gb in total or will it confuse my computer? could I upgrade to the ddr3 memory or does that depend on my mother board?

thansk Jt

  Peter 23:48 07 Aug 10


If your running a 32 Bit version of Windows operating system Windows will only be able to use 3 to 3.75 Gig (approximately) of the 4GB of RAM that you have fitted. Adding more will not make any more available to Windows. To use more than 4GB you need a 64 Bit version of Windows.

To find out how much your motherboard can take, and what type, try the Crucial website
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  DieSse 17:55 08 Aug 10

"I am planning on adding more memory to my computer"

Why? What do you want to do that makes you think more RAM would be better?

  silverspawn 19:42 09 Aug 10

I work with 3d and compositing apps which are all installed on my computer they take up a lot of space, it startring to slow slighlty from app to app.My sysytem is 64 bit vista:)

  DieSse 19:50 09 Aug 10

OK -

What's your motherboard make and model please.

How many slots does it have for RAM?

If it uses dual-access RAM, then it will work faster with matching pairs of RAM.

It can only be used with DDR3 if your motherboard supports DDR3 - it would also mean changing all your RAM to DDR3, but any increase in speed may be marginal, and swamped by the availability of more RAM.

As a guess without knowing the motherboard, and on the assumption you have two free slots, adding another similar pair to the pair you have would be probably best.

  DieSse 19:51 09 Aug 10

DDR3 is physically different to earlier types - so it's vanishingly unlikely that your motherboard can handle DDR3 if it's not already doing so (which I would infer from the speed you quote).

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