rotormota 12:57 31 Jul 07


I have a newish HP XP MCE PC with 3.20ghz of memory but I have a new spare card & spare slots so can I add this & gain any benefit?


  HCOOH 13:12 31 Jul 07

I think 3.20ghz refers to your processor. What card do you refer to in your post.

  Technotiger 14:34 31 Jul 07

Go to click here and run the on-line memory check. You will then be able to see exactly what memory you have and what memory you can add, and whether the spare memory stick you have will be ok.

  rotormota 17:35 31 Jul 07


Thanks. I have 2x1024MB cards currently installed so can I put another 1024 in a spare slot? They are all the same manufacturer. Would I get better performance?


  Technotiger 17:39 31 Jul 07

If Crucial says you can add another 1Gb, then yes, you can add it.

  rotormota 18:11 31 Jul 07

The scan says there are no compatible upgrades but also that it can take a max capacity of 4096mb & there are 2 spare slots.

Will it cause any harm if I slot a third one in?


  cream. 18:21 31 Jul 07

whats the model number of the HP machine. Also what version of windows are you running and is it 32bit or 64bit?

  rotormota 18:59 31 Jul 07

Its an m7580uk but not sure about the bits.

  cream. 19:13 31 Jul 07

You have a click here motherboard.

It uses dual channel memory so the best would be to install 2 X 512Mb dimms. This would keep the dual channel facility working.

It would not be recommended that you use an extra 2X 1Gb dimms, as on some motherboards that carry a 32bit system the maximum memory for the whole system is 4Gb. Put 4 X 1Gb dimms in the memory slots and have a 128Mb graphics card. you exceed the total that windows 32bit can see. It will deduct one memory module to keep the total under 4Gb's.

If you are using a windows or linux 64bit O\S then you can go to 4Gb.

  rotormota 19:23 31 Jul 07

It's just one new 1024mb card I have to slot in.

  Technotiger 19:27 31 Jul 07

Personally, I would try the 1Gb in one of the spare slots - if it does not work, I am pretty sure no harm will be done - you can just remove it again.

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