Adding items to send to

  Wessie 20:49 11 May 03

How do I add items to the send to drop down menu?

  VoG™ 20:51 11 May 03
  woodchip 20:55 11 May 03

If you are Win98 or I would think WinME. go to Explorer\Windows\Send to right click on the program exe file and drag to Send To and choose create a short cut. That's it

XP may work the same

  woodchip 20:57 11 May 03

I know you was not having a go by the way so it's OK no offence taken

  VoG™ 21:00 11 May 03

Glad that you appreciate that. I was having a go ay you know who.#

Sorry for hijacking your thread Wessie.

  woodchip 21:01 11 May 03

you can make the desktop smaller so you can see Send To folder and drag shortcut's from there also

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