Adding HD :?

  andy75 20:11 09 Jun 07

Hi, i'm sorry but totally clueless, I've seen on here about people connecting hard drvive as masters and slaves, I know I always need mine as Master but how do I connect (if poss) the hard drive from my old PC (both win98)
Thanks for any info

  johndrew 20:17 09 Jun 07

This may help clear some of the mystery click here and this click here gives it step by step as does this click here

Hope it works for you.

  woodchip 20:19 09 Jun 07

If they are from a old Win98se comp they will have EIDE sockets. If you want to fit in a new Computer you may Have limited or no support for them on your motherboard. only way is to take the side of you computer to see if they have EIDE sockets, as new Comps now use SATA

  andy75 20:41 09 Jun 07

Hi Johndrew, very helpful links and thanks for them... but not quite helpful enough for me lol Sorry i'm clueless so should prob stay away from this :(

  woodchip 20:46 09 Jun 07

It is easy to do if you follow what I said above, come back with more questions as you need help. The EIDE sockets have fourty pins SATA are a lot smaller sockets with less pins. Check the old drives and you will see a Fourty pin socket and at the side of it is a four pin socket for Power Plug Jumers on other edge to the sockets

  andy75 20:51 09 Jun 07

I can remember that (sort of) wood but i'm on the PC I wanna put the other HD onto and I have never seen the inside of a PC except the last :(

  andy75 20:52 09 Jun 07

but thank you all for tryin :)

  woodchip 20:56 09 Jun 07

You could buy a USB2 Hard Drive Caddy and fit the drive in that. THe jumper on the drive as to be set as Master or Comp will not see the USB drive

  andy75 21:13 09 Jun 07

When I say I'm clueless, I really mean clueless (think of your great gran tryin to understand lol) I try but...

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