Adding hard drive

  herman1rg 12:01 03 Mar 04

I want to add a second hard drive to my pc to use exclusively for storing media files on. can anyone give me some advice on how to do this?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:14 03 Mar 04

click here for a good guide.

click here also has one.

  ventanas 12:15 03 Mar 04

What O/S are you using, and what drives do you already have?

  The Belarussian Mafia 12:31 03 Mar 04

Also search for old threads such as click here

  JerryJay 12:39 03 Mar 04

First check if your machine has space and MB and psu have connection for it. If yes, buy one HD, fitting instruction can with HD, not difficult to do it.

  ventanas 12:56 03 Mar 04

But the procedure is very different between 98 and XP. This is to be an additional drive. With XP a piece of cake. '98 a little more difficult.

Also do need to know where existing drives are connected for jumper settings etc.

  herman1rg 13:34 03 Mar 04

I am running XP

  ventanas 13:51 03 Mar 04

Right. As already said, open the case and make sure the drive cradle has room for another drive. I will assume that any optical drives you have are on the secondary cable. First examine the back of the drive and ensure that the jumper is set to slave. There should be a diagram on the drive itself.

Insert the drive into the cradle and line up four of the screw holes. (If you did not get any screw you will have to obtain some). Fix the drive in the cradle. Locate the Primary slave connector. It will be on the same cable as you current drive and probably coloured grey. Connect this to drive, making sure it the right way up. There should be a notch on the drive to ensure this. Locate a free power supply lead. (There should be a few of them tied up somewhere) These have four pins and have a white plastic connector cover. Connect this to the drive again making sure it is the right way up. (It is bevelled at the top).

Put the case back together and turn on the computer. You should get a message that the new drive has been found at bottom right of the screen. When in Windows go to Start and Run and type diskmgmt.msc. The Disc Management window will open. In the botom half of the window right-click the unallocated portion (it will be allof it) and choose New Partition. Click Next to go past the welcome screen and at the next screen choose your partition type (Primary) (Next) Then choose a partition size, or leave it as the whole disc. (Next) Then choose a drive letter (the lowest available is selected by default. Ignore the other options on this screen. (Next) Finally at format window choose your file system eg ntfs, leave the unit size as default and give the drive a name (Volume label). You can choose a quick format to speed things up. Click next and then finish. Done.

Hope this helps.

  ventanas 13:58 03 Mar 04

Sorry, forgot to mention. Things can get a bit awkward with the cradle. On some machines it is necessary to remove it altogether to get at both sides for the screws. They usually have one retaining screw, and then slide out.

Much easier to get out then to get back :-))

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