Adding fields to a folder with PDFs

  1936 20:48 22 Nov 09

I have been scanning a number of papers in PDF and saved them in the following format.
Name, date followed by the other data but its all in one line.
Bulgaria 1 8.6.1997 File0002.pdf
Obviously the names fall into alphabetical order and need no sorting. However, I would like to be able to sort by date order.
Is it possible to add another field?

  bremner 20:58 22 Nov 09

The filename can only be sorted numerically/alphabetically. Filenames do not have fields, they are simply 256 characters.

You cannot sort them by date because anthing beginning with a 1 with be first i.e. 1.1.2007 followed by 1.4.2009 etc

  1936 10:01 23 Nov 09

I have to say that I have never noticed that. However, the question still stands. There must be a way of doing what I'm looking for.

  Peter 10:57 23 Nov 09


I store scanned receipts in date order by using the date the invoice is paid at the beginning of the name in the format 20091123 followed by a description of the goods paid for.

All receipts are sorted by name and end up oldest through to youngest. Time can be added after the date, i.e. 200911231058 if required.


  1936 11:35 23 Nov 09

If the recipts are stored by date order by placing the date at the sart of the title how can they be sorted by name?

  Diemmess 11:58 23 Nov 09

You have an either-or situation at present.

The only way I can think of which would give you choice is the tedious one of starting a database using say Excel or Access, but every file will need to be entered individually and with seperated names and dates for each record.

Fine if you really want to catalogue every record in your achive, because you can make the database as detailed as you like and pull up a report under any field you choose.
That would keep you busy for quite a while!

  1936 17:55 23 Nov 09

Sorry to look stupid but I can't work how to get the PDF file into Excell.

  Diemmess 19:30 23 Nov 09

You can't in the sense that you can with a table.

No, what I meant was that you leave the pdf files where they are. (I'm getting out of my depth here). You have to build a new database record by record (file).
That is what I implied when I said it would keep you busy.

Also and perhaps more off-putting is that when you have a complete catalogue, I don't think there is a way to link directly to the files in your pdf folder.

You would have to search the catalogue for the record you want and then find it in the pdf folder manually! You could of course use Windows own Search and click on the selected one.

An aid but not a pancea!

  woodchip 19:54 23 Nov 09

Save Files by Date, Take your pick click here

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