Adding DVD drive to laptop

I've just acquired a secondhand Dell laptop for my student daughter. It has Windows XP, 256 RAM but only has a floppy drive. Is it possible to get a cheap dvd drive fitted in its place or is it best to use an external drive? She wants to be able to watch dvds as well as write essays! If so, does anyone have any recommendations about which type I need?

The laptop also has a modem but I'm not sure how to go about sorting out an ISP or internet connection that can be used in different locations eg at home and in a student house.


  pauldonovan 23:39 16 Sep 05

First the DVD drive. A colleague asked me the same thing re: a compaq laptop.

We looked around and to get an internal one was very expensive from what we saw so we bought an external one. Just about any should do the job, but ideally one that supports all the main formats i.e. DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW,DVD-RW.

RE: ISP, it probably depends a bit on usage. I used a 'trial' at for a few friends/family. You can set it up yourself on your connection, download the 'settings' file and then get it onto her laptop. Shouldn't matter if at home / uni as the dial-up number can be the same.

Let me know if any further q's.

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