adding a drive

  john 20:13 14 Dec 04

I have just added a dvdrw to my pc.

I have a cdrw as master on seperate ide cabe and have the dvd set to slave on the same cable.
When I reboot neither drive is found when I double click my computer. In device manager only the dvd drive is found and is not working correctly.
Either drive will work if I disconnect the other one.
Any ideas anyone please?

  Alex-188000 20:16 14 Dec 04

So your CD drive is plugged as master on your IDE. Have you set your dvd drive to be your slave drive? On bios does it actually display both drives on secondary master and slave?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:17 14 Dec 04

Set the CD drive as slave alongside the hdd and the dvd drive as master on the other ide cable and see if it works; there should be no performance problems.

  Fred the flour grader 20:21 14 Dec 04

have you plugged both power cables in (the ones with four cables)
are both lights coming on when you boot up?

  pj123 20:27 14 Dec 04

Unfortunately, rewriter drives always like to be the master. I had the same setup as you. You don't need a CD Rewriter as well as a DVD Rewriter because the DVD Rewriter will also burn to CD as well. I suggest you uninstall your CD/RW drive and just use the DVD Rewriter for both, which is now my setup and I have had no more problems.

  Alex-188000 20:29 14 Dec 04

you are right but I prefer to have both as this enables me to fast copy. So I would advise he trys and sorts the problem out. good idea though

  Diodorus Siculus 20:31 14 Dec 04

As pj123 says, they like to be master, but need not be - I think that if you try various combinations, you should get it to work.

The advantage of keeping both will be that you can do direct copying of CDs...

  Alex-188000 20:32 14 Dec 04

HA D S beat ya, lol. Try putting them both on C.S. see if that works. does sometimes for me

  john 20:41 14 Dec 04

kind of embarrassing this but I just noticed that i had jumpers on both drives set as slave.

Thanks for your help guys.


  Alex-188000 20:42 14 Dec 04

lol dont worry, common mistake

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