Adding to autoplay alternatives

  cocteau48 10:19 19 May 07

When I insert a CD I get the standard windows popup asking me which prog I wish to use to play the CD - in my case - Windows Media Player or Real Alternative or Media Monkey.
I have Winamp installed and prefer to use it for simple audio playback.
How can I add it to the autoplay alternatives in the popup list above?
Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 10:29 19 May 07

Have you associated your audio files with Winamp?

  cocteau48 10:39 19 May 07

Yes all the audio files on the system are Winamp Media Files and all automatically play in Winamp when clicked.
What I am trying to do is get Winamp to come up as one of the autoplay choices when inserting a CD. If I open the CD contents and right click on an individual track the drop down menu asks if I want to play in Winamp which is OK - I am just trying to short circuit the procedure.

Hi cocteau48
try this suggested method using tweakui,just replace deepburner with winamp
click here

  cocteau48 11:22 19 May 07

Thanks to "THE RAVEN"
I have found that uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp has got it onto the autoplay the list but I will bookmark your suggestion for using Tweakui for future reference.
Thanks again to you and MAJ and I will tick as resolved.

sorry instead of selecting blank media
select music cd from supported media list

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