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  User-178362 01:46 13 Aug 05

I have been told to run addaware once a week Defrag once a week. Is there anything eles I should know about? I put object in quarantine from addaware for a month, why, I was told to do that, but didn't ask the reson and what should I do with them if I need them and how would I know if they were important?

  VoG II 08:44 13 Aug 05

You can safely delete or quarantine anything that Ad-aware finds. None of these things are necessary.

If you have Windows 2000 or XP then you should also run AntiSpyware click here

  Satmansq 09:54 13 Aug 05

The reason for quarantining an item is so that you do not delete a necessary file. Adaware may identify something that it believes is spyware but is actually required for a program, by quarantining it you can always return the item to its rightful place. That said I always delete everything, and, touch wood, have had no problems.

  User-178362 13:45 13 Aug 05

VoG, I have AVG Free Adition, and Keiro Personal Firewall Running, Do I need the one you said and is it free? Not sure what the two I have mean, I just know I need them for my computer.

  VoG II 13:58 13 Aug 05

Yes AntiSpyware is free. As well as having a scanner (like Ad-aware) it also runs in the background to stop nasties getting on in the first place (a bit like AVG but for spyware instead of viruses).

  User-178362 14:13 13 Aug 05

Is Keiro the same as the one you sent me? Should I down load it? I read on a thread someone had too many, so I do not want to be in the same boat.

  VoG II 14:28 13 Aug 05

No Kerio is a firewall. MS AntiSpyware is different.

The general rules are:

Only one anti-virus (AVG in your case) although you can scan online with other virus checkers. More than one and they can conflict and slow your system down.

Only one firewall (Kerio in your case). More than one can slow you down or at worst prevent you from connecting to the internet.

Anti-spyware/adware - as many as you like.

  User-178362 14:39 13 Aug 05

So are you telling me it is alright to download this spyware, and go ahead?

  VoG II 14:48 13 Aug 05

Yes it is OK to download and run AntiSpyware.

  User-178362 14:54 13 Aug 05

Thank you, You are a realy gent, thats comeing from a realy lady.

  User-178362 20:15 15 Aug 05

Do I click on, try it NOW. Then just click on continue. When it says try it now it sounds as it is on trial, then you have to buy

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