Add a wi-fi connection

  MrNewName 06 Mar 12

Here is the situation:

5 story house

I have BT infinity connection with modem /router on ground floor. Wireless signal can be picked up easily until second floor. Third and fourth floors have very poor signal so I have run a cable from modem to top floor - completely hidden so no issues there.

On the top floor I have a Netgear network switch FS605 running three cables into three rooms. All works fine.

What I want now is to replace the Netgear switch with one that also offers a wi-fi connection so that my iPhone / iPad can connect via wi-fi on the top floor. I still need the wired capability.

Can anyone recommend one for me please? Home Network Plugs are not an option as the top two floors are on a different circuit for some reason.

Thanks for any advice and I'd appreciate solutions to be as fool-proof as possible; adding the Netgear switch was no problem and hopefully replacing it with a wireless enabled one will be equally straightforward.

Many thanks.

  MrNewName 06 Mar 12

  difarn 06 Mar 12

Would this fit the bill?

  MrNewName 06 Mar 12

Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not sure it will do the job as it seems to pick up a wi-fi signal and extend it. My difficulty is that the wi-fi signal doesn't get to the top of the house so can't be extended.

  difarn 06 Mar 12

If you have an ethernet cable already going to the switch have you considered "daisy chaining" a second router? Have a look at this article explaining how you do it.

  MrNewName 06 Mar 12

That's an idea, thanks. I'll investigate a little more.

  MrNewName 07 Mar 12

Can I add this to the Cat5e cable on the top floor? If so, will it give me a wi-fi connection?


  difarn 07 Mar 12

If the Cat5e cable gives you an ethernet connection on the top floor already then I can't, theoretically, see any problem connecting the second router to this and then configuring the wireless connection following the instructions on how to daisy chain. Specification for this router here.

  MrNewName 07 Mar 12

Thanks difarn; I'll take a chance on it.

  Strawballs 07 Mar 12

If you use a cable router I can't see why it won't work because it will be getting it's connection from the downstairs router instead of a cable modem.

  MrNewName 07 Mar 12

I don't use a cable router it's ASDL (if you mean cable like from Virgin Media).

Of course, if you mean a router with a CAT5 cable running from it, yes, that is what I have.


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