Add RAM - how much Virtual memory ?

  setecio 21:13 14 Sep 09

The recommendations I have read for VM are x1.5 min and x3 max. Does this still apply with todays large amounts of RAM ? EG if I upgrade to 2GB RAM is it still advisable to have VM set at 3072min and 6144max ??

  setecio 21:25 14 Sep 09

I wondering .... now I've got so much RAM .... the machine will hardly ever need to use VM .... so why not just set the min & max at 1024 ... is it really necessary for a home user to have more than this ( thinking back to the days of 256MB or 512MB RAM ).

  cream. 21:30 14 Sep 09


  DieSse 23:09 14 Sep 09

Just set it to system managed. Windows own algorithms for doing so are actually pretty good.

  User-312386 23:29 14 Sep 09

I go with DieSse on this one - leave VM alone, i have 4GB ram and the virtual memory sometimes leaps to 3GB

  DieSse 01:20 15 Sep 09

"....the machine will hardly ever need to use VM"

Windows is a paging OS. It always uses the page file.

  gazzaho 02:26 15 Sep 09

I myself have 4GB of ram and I've tried low settings for the page file, on using some applicatios and games I got warnings the page file was too low. As DieSse suggests let Windows manage it or set it to a large size. Sooner or later Windows will complain if you use too low a setting.

  setecio 11:45 18 Sep 09

Thanks all

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