Add Folders to the "Save picture " Dialog

  bigray 15:44 07 Mar 07

can any one please tell me how to Add Folders to the "Save picture " Dialog

  VoG II 15:50 07 Mar 07
  bigray 10:57 08 Mar 07

thanks VoG™ but not what I am after,
When on the net & I want to save a photo to a folder, when I right click on photo I get a menu that says "save picture as" on the left of that menu there are different folders, it is this I want to alter, ie put folders on it & delete some,
thanks again

  Eric10 14:11 08 Mar 07

Kelly's Corner click here and scroll down to 118 then get "Add Folders to the "Save As" Dialog - Undo" in the right hand column. This lets you add 5 folders of your own choice. Also get the Undo while you are there so you can undo changes later if you wish.

  bigray 16:05 08 Mar 07

thanks Eric10
this ia whats in the file from Kellys corner,
without being rude, what do you do with it?
Couldn't understand it.

Option Explicit

Dim WSHShell, n, p, t, cn, vbdefaultbutton
Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
p = "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\comdlg32\Placesbar\"
t = "Add a Folder to the Places Bar"

Dim place, pl, c
c = 1

For Each place in Array("Place0","Place1","Place2","Place3","Place4")
pl = p & place

On Error Resume Next
n = WSHShell.RegRead(pl)
If Err Then n = ""

On Error GoTo 0
cn = InputBox("Type the Path and click OK for Entry " & c, t, n)
If cn <> "" Then WSHShell.RegWrite pl, cn

c = c + 1

VisitKelly's Korner

  Eric10 16:19 08 Mar 07

It's a Visual Basic program which runs when you double click it and allows you to type 5 paths and folders into its successive dialogue boxes. These then replace the ones already there.
If you try it and don't like what it does then just run the Undo file that you can can download from the same place and it will put things back to how they were before you started.

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