bpzoom 21:43 24 Feb 05

I run Windows XP Home SP2. There are two 40gb HDs, C and D. D is only used for data. How straightforward is it to create an ME system on a new partition on the D, and are there booting or switching procedures between the two systems?
The intention is to enable some work at home on a compatible ME system to the one at my place of work.

  Jeffers22 21:58 24 Feb 05

A multi boot system, which is what you want to end up with offers you the choice of which system to start when you first turn the PC on.

The normal route for mlti booting is to install the older OS first, then XP on (say D:) second.

Not sure what the result will be if you do it the other way around, never tried it that way.

If you have Partition Magic, you could use the boot utility that comes with it called boot magic.

Other than that, if you want to try it, it is just a matter of putting the ME CD in the drive and when it offers the set up routine, direct it to D:

For a faster set up, copy the Win9x folder (and contents) from the CD to a new folder on D: then run set up from there.

  bpzoom 22:22 24 Feb 05

Jeffers22. Thank you. As XP is already on the C and I do not want to disturb that, I will have a go at one of the other options you gave. I have Partition Magic.

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