add 3rd pc to network

  drayton 10:02 13 Apr 05

have two pcs networked together wireless peer to peer, one has adsl modem which then connects to other. I would like to add another pc. Would I now need some kind of wireless router?. Would like to keep cost down.

  Yoda Knight 10:18 13 Apr 05

yes, unless you can connect two of them with a cable

  RealDopey 10:35 13 Apr 05

Sorry but I would disagree, I had three pc's connected via w/less before I had a router. You have to have them set up to use AD-HOC as opposed to Infra-structure.

  Yoda Knight 10:39 13 Apr 05

I stand corrected

  drayton 10:57 13 Apr 05

Thanks RealDopey, so do I just need another wireless card installed in 3rd pc?

  RealDopey 11:00 13 Apr 05

Basically yes, just fit it then install any drivers and if your running XP2 just run the n/work wizard. You should be fine.

  drayton 09:23 18 Apr 05

installed wireless card in 3rd pc.everything ok, all three pcs working with internet connected at same time.thankyou

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