Adbobe Toolbar Lost in IE7

  axelbrora 22:28 24 Feb 07

I carried out a repair to IE7 which I think reinstalled it.

I have now lost my Adobe icon to PDF webpages. How do I get it back? It is still on the toolbar when I right click but it is grayed out.

Any help would be appreciated.


  User-312386 23:47 24 Feb 07

Uninstall and re-install adobe and see what happens

  anskyber 10:46 25 Feb 07

It depends how you "repaired" IE7. If you chose reset under the Advanced tab then the effect is to disable add ins.

Can you give more info on how you repaired IE7?

  axelbrora 12:00 25 Feb 07


I believe I used the "reset" and I seem to remember being given the option to remove add ins.

I have also lost the Google tool bar which does not concern me.

I am aware that I can uninstall and reinstall Adobe Professional and all of the updates, but it seem a bit drastic just to get an Adobe icon in IE7.

I would have thought there must be another way.


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