Adaware...what now?

  Fateful Shadow 16:17 06 Jul 03

I'm in the middle of the deep registry scanning process using adaware. I have noticed that it has highlighted 6 files, 1 registry value and 1 registry key.

When the scanning stops, is it safe to 'fix' the selected problems?

  Lú-tzé 16:25 06 Jul 03

Pretty much so, but I would suggest that you quit when finished, back up your registry (or at least he keys to be removed) and then run AdAware again. Generally speaking Ad Aware is a reliable program.

  Fateful Shadow 16:30 06 Jul 03

The one registry bit i deleted was Alexa. I've heard of them before, so I deleted that. The other one which I think was the registry key was the Windows Media player unique ID thing. I decided to keep that.

Does that sound alright to any Adaware expert here?

  Lú-tzé 16:32 06 Jul 03

But it is ok to remove the Alexa one; the WMP unique id can also be removed without any adverse effects to the best of my knowledge (at least I have done it and noticed no problems).

  Fateful Shadow 16:33 06 Jul 03

Ok...the registry key was Alexa and I deleted that. I hope all is ok now then!

  bvw in bristol 17:41 06 Jul 03

I've deleted those as well, no problems to report.

  Deano68 17:53 06 Jul 03

just to add my two penneth worth i've never had any trouble either after deleting them two.........yet! ;-)

  Valvegrid 18:09 06 Jul 03

Alexa is installed along with IE6, I'm used to getting rid of it by now :-)

  powerless 18:14 06 Jul 03

"Windows Media player unique ID thing"

I found that if you open up WMP > Tools > Options > Privacy > Remove tick from "Send Unique Player ID to content providers".

Adaware does not then see it as a problem ;-)

  Jester2K II 18:22 06 Jul 03

click here

"AdAware may false alarm, reporting Alexa when there is no significant problem in your machine. The existing Alexa/Show Related Links scare is a registry key, creating a menu item, pointing to a local web page, pointing to an MSN search page, which uses the Alexa engine."

Unless you specifically have another piece of software installed that also comes with Alexa then this key should not been seen again after your initial Adaware run.

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