AdAware and Spywareblaster updates...

  barryoneoff 22:59 10 Feb 03

Both have new updates today (again!).

  VoG™ 23:13 10 Feb 03

Thanks but we already know click here click here

I'm beginning to doubt the usefulness of these "updates" threads since clearly very few people venture off page one to view them.

What about a "running" thread called "updates" that anybody could post to??

  €dstow 08:39 11 Feb 03

In one of my update posts yesterday I said that I try to keep them on page one for as near to a day as possible before ticking and letting them sink into the abyss. This is very fallible as I'm not here in the evenings/overnight when the site is at its busiest so I usually move to the top and close just before I go home (6:30 - 7:00).

I don't think the idea of a running thread would really work because at the rate these updates are coming recently, a thread like that would soon gain the record of being the longest in the forum!


  barryoneoff 10:50 11 Feb 03

check the last few pages, but just in case someone else didn't I put both the threads into one and put it back to top.

  Wes Tam ;-) 11:14 11 Feb 03

Why do we have these constant update reminders?

Surely it's common sense with any spyware/anti-virus program to daily press the convenient 'check for updates' button.

Is this all part of the nanny state whereby nobody can think for themselves?

  €dstow 11:28 11 Feb 03

Judging by the responses I've had for posting these updates, it seems that people do need reminding. It's nothing to do with nanny states as you seem to think it's to do with people, for whatever reason, don't have an auto update, either in their machine or in their brain, on their various pieces of security software.

I post the reminders, as I'm sure others do, as a part of the general friendly nature of the forum.

If you don't wish to be reminded, there is absolutely no obligation placed on you to read them.


  Wes Tam ;-) 11:39 11 Feb 03

€dstow I wasn't trying to be unfriendly, but just pointing out that if I install something to protect my PC then it makes sense to keep that something up-to-date (which takes no effort at all - I can use auto update or the 'check for updates' button).

I read the threads in case someday some sharp-eyed member experiences something like 'if you install the latest update IE will explode'.

Now that would be very helpful :)

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