AdAware, Spybot, etc. and Windows ME

  Senile Syd 11:27 21 Jan 05

The OS in my elderly neighbour's PC is Windows ME. I've never used ME and know nothing about it.
She uses the system mainly for e-mail and for web research in connection with her hobbies, but she has no anti-malware applications with the exception of AVG, which I installed for her some time ago.

I have AdAware, Spybot S&D, CW Shredder et al on my own system (Windows XP SP2) and I still have the downloaded .exe files on my HD.

Question: can I simply burn these files to a CD-ROM and instal the apps in a Windows ME system?


  VoG II 11:32 21 Jan 05


  Senile Syd 11:56 21 Jan 05

Noted. Many thanks for instant response.

  pj123 15:07 21 Jan 05

What VoG™ forgot to mention that once you have installed them on your neighbours PC they will need to be updated to the current versions.

  Senile Syd 20:10 29 Jan 05

Apologies for delay in acknowledging your post — I've only just seen it.

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