Adaware 6.0

  muscic lover 19:30 26 Mar 04

Adaware 6.0 is installed in my Windows Me computer, and I have had no available updates of lists for over 2 months.
Has anybody else had a an update or is there a newer version, and where can I download it from (if there is)?

I used to get regular updates every few days but nowt now for months. Is it me? Did I say something wrong?
I dont smell (that bad), I bathe!

Maybe its just an older unsupported version!

Can anybody enlighten me?


  Indigo 1 19:36 26 Mar 04

When you open Adaware you will notice at the bottom right corner there is a link which is underlined that says "Check for updates now", you need to click on it.

If you don't have the link, click here

  muscic lover 19:40 26 Mar 04

I have clicked on it many a time but no updates are available is the reply.

I have tried, honest! any other ideas.

Have you had updates in the last 2 months?

  Proxy Worm 19:48 26 Mar 04

Yeh updated every few days, unistall then reinstalk from there website click here

  GaT7 19:49 26 Mar 04

You may be right in thinking it's a an older unsupported version. Check which build you have. Apparently only Adaware 6 build 181 will download & install the latest updates.

  muscic lover 20:30 26 Mar 04

crossbow you were righth, build 181 is the build needed>
Thanks to proxyworm for the site to download from.

Just installed the new version, and found 3 data miners! Now removed!

Many thanks guys!

  GaT7 21:00 26 Mar 04

Do you also use Spybot-S&D & SpywareBlaster? If you don't they are well recommended. Spybot finds scum that Adaware misses & vice-versa. SpywareBlaster blocks pests in real time as you surf. For Spybot click here, for SpywareBalster click here . Both are freeware. Also consider (only discovered yesterday) a 3rd free program that will tell you whether any sw you're about to install contains ad/spyware - SpyChaserclick here

  muscic lover 20:19 27 Mar 04

crossbow 7 ....
Cheers for that! now have all 3 others looking out for rubbish and stuff we dont want in our PC .
You're a star!


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