Ad Mail sent to all my contacts

  The Brown Rock 30 May 12

I discovered that an Ad. mail had been sent without my knowlwdge from my computer to all of my "Hotmail" contacts which I had built up over twelve years of computing. I discovered this when I found a substantial number in my 'inbox' as delivery failures. I do not have wi-fi or wireless and there is no other with access to my computer. The question is: How was this possible as it is most embarrassing to say the least of it. All of the mails are links to a website or websites that promote "earning money from home." I have my suspicion on a discussion forum that I registered for just prior to these mails going out?and could it be possible that I linked up my 'contacts' without being aware of it? And what do I do now?

  wiz-king 30 May 12

Look in your 'sent mail' box to see if it has come from your computer. If they are there your computer has been hacked in some way.

Change your hotmail password to be on the safe side.

Yes it is quite easy for a website to collect your address book if you are not looking at what you are ticking or un-ticking.

  The Brown Rock 30 May 12

Yes, wiz-king, I have already established by my "sent mail" that the 'mails' came from my computer and it is most annoying to find that some are still waiting to be delivered. I know you will say it is stupid of me but I do not have a "password" login to my acount but this is a lesson learnt. As of now I see no further activity from this source; I would like to know though how it came about,and how did I slip-up on this occasion?


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