User-178362 00:24 08 Feb 08

I have just updated to 2007. Done a full system Scan. Total Items detected 108. In the large box it says Family, Category,TAI. Not sure what to do next, Do I click Finnish, Remove, Quarantine? I have a folder with my pictures in called family, do not want to remove them, Help please.

  rawprawn 08:36 08 Feb 08

I don't use it, but is there an option to "Ignore" if you right click on it. Or look under Help for Ignore.

  rawprawn 08:38 08 Feb 08

If I remember rightly, there is an option to change the TAI level in settings.

  Technotiger 08:48 08 Feb 08

Hi, when the scan has finished, click on Privacy Objects tab with the number of objects shown in brackets. Then click on both boxes, ticks will appear. Then click on Remove (don't worry you are NOT losing pictures at all) - then click on Finish, then close the window by clicking on X in top right corner.

  Technotiger 08:49 08 Feb 08

PS - you do NOT need to alter any Settings at all.

  User-178362 18:02 08 Feb 08

Do I need Ad-Watch, Prosess Watch, Host File Editor that comes with it?

  Technotiger 20:04 08 Feb 08

In a word ...... No!

  User-178362 20:18 08 Feb 08

Been looking at Ad-Watch, thought I need that. I have done another scann its gone up to 117 detected items. I click on Remove and Finish but I get a message saying, there are unhandled objects Do you still want to finsh. If I do then I am not deleting the items. What now my Lords ladies and Gentleman?

  ICF 20:20 08 Feb 08

When you click on remove wait and let it remove the items before clicking finish

  User-178362 20:24 08 Feb 08

Critical Objects (0) Privacy Objects (117). After clicking on P.Objects, should I click on Remove and then Finish

  User-178362 20:29 08 Feb 08

I have put a tick in the box and it is now saying. Tracking Cookie 3. I will click on Remove and wait my turn to Finnish Correct? Thank you.

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