Ad-aware (advise)

  denali 09:27 03 Apr 04

I have ad-aware scheduled to run at 9am on my daughters PC. For three days in a row it has picked, on average, 15cookies called anyuser@ and then in could be anything from msn to freeware32 in fact no two are the same. The reason I am posting is because this morning there were 47 of them. I am probably being paranoid but am a bit concerned she may be going somewhere she should not. She is almost 18 and I really do not want to put too many restrictions on her. The PC is Win98se. It is running AOL9 has spybot, AVG,Ad-aware and McAfee firewall which is a freebe with AOL. On her machine she has about 4gigs of college work and a few games, The sims being the largest. Am I really being paranoid? or is this somethig I should worry about.! Thank you for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:45 03 Apr 04

anyuser@ is the default name given to cookies under Win98 when the machine has no name. Thus every site you visit which places a cookie will name that cookie anyuser @ sitename.

Nothing to worry about - average browsing will leave lots of cookies. If there was anything dodgy, it would be seen in the second part eg

  obbit 10:37 03 Apr 04

try spywareblaster

click here

it's free and stops a lot of the rubbish reinstalling. run ad-aware to clean the install spywareblaster to keep your pc clean.

  Indigo 1 11:36 03 Apr 04

I totally agree with oddbit there and would just like to add that you will need to run BOTH Adaware and Spybot Search and destroy click here, one after the other to make sure you clean out all them nasties.

What one misses the other finds.

  Indigo 1 11:37 03 Apr 04

Oh yes, make sure you check for updates before you run them.

  denali 14:04 03 Apr 04

Thank you all for your excellent responses. Have downloaded as suggested now hope everything is OK

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:42 03 Apr 04

This is an excellent little program i use for cookies click here

it can be set to prompt users when new cookies are detected and ask what to do with them keep/delete or it can just block all cookies keep the ones you wont and block the ones you don't gives you a dialogue about the cookies tracking and so on pop up cookies really a good program.


  denali 20:28 03 Apr 04

Have just seen your post. Thank you. Have downloaded the programme and will see what it has done when I go off-line

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