Ad-aware 6.0

  diesel1948 17:04 17 Aug 03

Hello, anyone help me. Some time ago I downloaded Ad-aware 6.0 and it seemed to work ok. I recently installed Photoshop 7 and when I run Ad-aware it finds 2 registry keys 6 registry values, can these be safely deleted, it says Identified at the side of these things. It also finds a number of other things which I delete without problems, but these things seem important. Thank you for any advice. Tel.

  Jester2K II 17:19 17 Aug 03

Well unless you tell us the name of the things it found how can we determine if they are safe to remove??

  diesel1948 19:00 17 Aug 03

Things in Ad-aware 1, green case icon,Vendor, NCASE Type, regKey catagory, data miner Object HKEY_CURRENT_USER:SOF...
2,Same icon Vendor Favoriteman Type, regKey Catagory Data Miner Object HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT:Typ
3,Same Icon but brown not green Vendor Favoriteman Type RegValue Catagory Data Miner Object HKEY_CURRENT_USER:Soft.....
4, same icon brown Vendor Favoriteman Type RegValue Catagory Data Miner Object HKEY_CURRENT_USER:Soft....
5, Same again
6, Same icon Vendor Blazing Tool Type RegValue Catagory Monitoring Object HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SO...
7,Same icon but blue Vendor Windows Type RegData Category Data Miner Object HKEY_USERS:.DEFAULT\Soft..... Media
8,Same icon blue Vendor Windows Type RegData Category Data Miner Object HKEY_CURRENT_USER:Sof.... Media
Hope you can grasp all that, thanks for help.

  Stuartli 19:03 17 Aug 03

The words Data Miner should have alerted you - AdAware6 will always highlight such references for removal attention.

the option is there for you to quarantine the objects . if you do this (rather than immediately delete the objects)you will be able to simply restore them if things start to go wrong with your system, after a few days and you are sure that all is well and everything is working properly you can go ahead and delete the objects from the quarantine.

  dagbladet 19:35 17 Aug 03

Jumping on the band wagon. I too, on the advice of others, have started to use AA6. It seems pretty straight forward, but i'm just never sure if it only finds "baddies", and wonder wether to go ahead and delete. Does AA6 find and list good things as well ?

  leo49 19:39 17 Aug 03

On the default settings you can go ahead and let it delete everything it finds. It's quite safe.

  diesel1948 22:17 19 Aug 03

Cheers boys, sorted.

  canard 23:02 19 Aug 03

What Adaware turned up wasn't in my Photoshop 7.

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