chippy+ 17:42 06 Oct 07

can anyone help i am tring to install flash player on my grandsons pc oso that he can play games on bbc the other 2 pc's are fine but when i try to install flash it shows installed in add remove and seems to be the activex i have use add/remove and flash cleaner and then reinstalled but still it will not work i have also changed the internet security settings in explorer 7 but still will not work thanks Chippy

  citadel 17:52 06 Oct 07

is it enabled in ie. tools, manage add ons, enable or disable add ons

  sunny staines 18:00 06 Oct 07

try installing from
click here

it install better here than from

  sunny staines 18:01 06 Oct 07

that is IE version

  chippy+ 19:38 06 Oct 07

hi citadel / sunny staines thanks for the reply
no it is not in the add ons. but it not in the add ons on the other pcs either i have made the security settings the same as the other 2 pcs i have got but it is installed in the add/remove but it is the activex that seems to be the problem
thanks again Chippy

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