David4637 13:41 17 Mar 07

All of a sudden when entering PCA a pop up box comes up at the top of the web page (IE6). THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE in 3 years, in using this excellent web site. This is obviously something which has just been added, it was not displayed 3-4 days ago.
Why, and please remove ASAP as I do not want to install Active X. Comments please. Thanks David

  p;3 14:11 17 Mar 07

I for one am using the Hosts file which blocks the vast majority of the ads on here ( I need to update it)so I and many others will probably not be seeing what you are , assuming it IS a pop up ad that you are seeing?

  David4637 14:25 17 Mar 07

Thanks for your reply, I have web washer which stops a lot of adverts on PCA. The XP pop up box says "To help protect your security" etc and gives the option of installing Active X. I am NOT keen. I want to know whether others have noticed this pop up. Thanks David

  MAJ 14:30 17 Mar 07

No popups here, XP and IE7. I used to use the Hosts file to block things like that but since getting this new PC and IE7, haven't had any probs so far.

  p;3 14:40 17 Mar 07

click here is the latest for the Hosts file (which Vog kindly introduced me to )if you wish to try it out ; just ensure you select instructions for your version of windows
; I find it brill!!

  p;3 14:47 17 Mar 07

also would kindly suggest that if it is something you are seeing and I for one am NOT using the Hosts file , you might do as well to put Hosts on there ; with no disrespect to this site, it does enable you to read the threads without wading through and playing dodgems with the ads to get there

  p;3 14:41 18 Mar 07

??have you shifted to the Hosts file yet?

  p;3 08:23 19 Mar 07

I have quite deliberately tried this on a NON Hosts pc and do not see anything other than the normal ads

I suggest you might wish to scan your pc
with adaware, sybot, and a squared (sorry, I do not have the links on this pc)

to see if you have picked up something

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