Activated software, what happens when.

  Gonzo 20:26 26 Jan 06

Hi 2 problems
I'm going to reload windows this weekend and I was wondering what happens when I load software that I activated before as I will have to reactivate it on the new install? (Not windows)
The other thing is I've just upgraded my PDA and was going to sell the old one with the acompanying software, would the new owner have problems activating it, outlook for example as I had to activate it when I first used it new so now it would think it was being put on 2 machines which it isn't.
Thanks for any help

  Mr A! 21:29 26 Jan 06

if you perform an install over the top of windows, then the installations keeps your exisiting files and software.

  Gonzo 23:28 26 Jan 06

Sorry didn't make it clear I want to do a clean install and get out the rubbish its been 3 years or more since I last had to do it and my poor P3 is groaning under the strain of it all.

  Shortstop 10:39 27 Jan 06

Everytime I've done this I have had to re-install everything from scratch so it's a good idea to make sure you have all installation disks, registration keys, etc to hand.



  interzone55 11:09 27 Jan 06

From experience I've found that most software companies only retain activation data for a few months, this includes Microsoft. So you shouldn't have any problems reactivating software.

Most software doesn't actually need online activation, it's just a matter of re-entering the registration code. If you registered software online, for example if you needed to enter a username to generate the serial number, simply entering the same username and serial number again should allow the software to re-install.

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