'Activate' Windows XP Professional on partition

  vs6gyrob 24 Nov 12

Hi; any help greatly appreciated... Had passed onto me a desktop PC with xp pro on one partition, and xp home on the other..(ex owner now abroad) The latter ( XP home) works fine , but when I choose XP Pro I'm asked if I wish to 'Activate Windows' ...following the 'instructions' I just cannot get the partition to 'activate'.. Does the prog require an admin password etc ???? Thanks

  xania 24 Nov 12

It may be that you have a pirate or previously registered copy of Windows insalled on the 'Pro' partition. You should be given a telephone number to ring but I suspect that this will not work either. Did the previous owner give you the installation DVD?

  vs6gyrob 24 Nov 12

Hi xania, thanks for the reply, to answer your question, No.! just donated the pc

  xania 25 Nov 12

In that case I suspect that all your software could be suspect and could stop working at any time. Frankly, I would wipe the HDD and start from fresh - in any case you have no idea what nasties might be lurking. Certainly, I cannot tink of any good reason to still have Home & Pro versions of windows on the PC. If you are happy to stick with XP, there are quite cheap offers around but you might like to run


on your PC now to see if you can install Windows 7.

  vs6gyrob 25 Nov 12

Thanks again xania, for your reply.. First of all I would point out that the PC we are taking about is indeed an 'oldie'-in comparison, Its a Medion Radeon 9800,Intel Pentiom 4, 512 mb ram, so far; as you can see, its a (2003 vintage job... I did out of curiosity, run the Windows site you kindly supplied and of course 512mb ddr is quite insufficient among other not compatible items ( progs)!Yes I tend to agree with your view re wiping the HDD and starting again,, but, with the existing motherboard,it would be rather pointless especially if I wished to upgrade to Win7.. Again, I wondered also, why Home and Pro on the same PC ?? It was the refusal to allow XP Pro to be accessed that prompted my post in the first place... However, many thanks indeed for taking the trouble,will probably pass it on ( the PC ) to someone else ??Thanks again , and best wishes


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