Activate Win XP pro?

  Marky_Bhoy 22:25 01 Nov 03

I have just installed Win XP pro.

Every so often I keep pn getting reminded to activate Win XP.

What is this all about?

How does it help prevent software piracy?

Should I activate my copy even if I think I will need to re-install it at a later date.

If activated, does this prevent me from lending my copy to my friend and what are the implications of this?

  ahales42 22:29 01 Nov 03

yes you need to activate xp, and no you cannot "lend" it to a friend.

  powerless 22:31 01 Nov 03

If you do not activate XP within 30 days you will not be allowed to use it.

It helps prevent privacy by locking that CD and the install of that XP to your and only your computer.

If you try to install it on someone elses computer, "they will know". To which activation will not be allowed and you will not be allowed to use the computer.

So you have no option to activate (if you want to use XP that is).

You can activate again as long as the same XP is installed onto your computer, there is nothing about a few seconds and it it done. You can change your hardware, although there is a limit.

All explained here | click here

  mikef. 22:34 01 Nov 03

You must activate it, if you don't it will loose most functions after 30 days, this is part of your licsence agreement when you installed it. Plus it is only for use oin one machine and your friend will not be able to install it on his machine. click here

  mikef. 22:35 01 Nov 03

Beat me to it Powerless whilst I was looking up the address :-)

  powerless 22:35 01 Nov 03

I have it as a favorite ;-)

  Marky_Bhoy 22:37 01 Nov 03

thanks for the quick response.

Is this a new aspect for everyone who installs Win XP or is it because my version is a 'single user' type?

I got it free through my university - and they did say that I can only install it on one PC!

  Marky_Bhoy 22:56 01 Nov 03

The link provided by both of you is very good. It should answer all my questions.


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