Acronis True Image vs Norton Ghost, which 1 better

  TomJerry 18:50 09 Jun 04

Possibly wrong question to ask, but I just want to learn other people's experience and decide which one to get. What I am looking for is a imaging program will can take snap of partition as well as disk on external HDD (usb connection) and DVD+/-RW. For any backup, I alway do two on different media, otherwise not much point of backup (in my view because backup do get damaged).

Thanks in advance for your view.

  christmascracker 18:54 09 Jun 04

I use Acronis True Image 7. Very easy to use and like you I put the image onto HD and DVD. It's got me out of a few scrapes and only takes around 10 minutes to restore an image.

Best thing I've ever bought

  rawprawn 19:04 09 Jun 04

I agree entirely with christmascracker, I bought Acronis True Image and I am highly satisfied. I can't compare it with Norton Ghost because I have never used it.

  Bebee 19:11 09 Jun 04

I was using Ghost and was perfectly happy with it, but could not get it to work with a Maxtor external USB drive, and have bought Acronis which works fine. I think the Ghost problem is specifically with the Maxtor, but there were other USB problems listed when I searched Symantec for a solution.

  JayDay 19:35 09 Jun 04

I've used both and found Acronis easier to use. Plus it's free on one of the PCA coverdisks (Issue 104)

  TomJerry 21:49 09 Jun 04

Do not know if TrueImage 7 upgrade (cost $29.99) work with Free Speical version 6 suupplied by PCA. Anyone know this? It seems TrueImage is the one to go for.

  gudgulf 23:18 09 Jun 04

I also have Acronis--Very easy to use,but I admit that I have not needed to restore an image yet!! Pure luck I think.

I do use the included Partition manager/OS selector utility whenever I need to partition or reformat a hard drive----- made setting up Windows XPpro on my sata drive a doddle, and makes Acronis worth the asking price for that alone!

  woodchip 23:36 09 Jun 04

If you right click on the true image file in Explorer you can mount the image like a logical disc drive and load individual files from the image if needed. Do not forget to unmount the Image after

  hugh-265156 23:43 09 Jun 04

i use acronis true image deluxe which is sometimes given away free on mag coverdiscs.excellent in my opinion.has saved me a few times after some 'lets see what this does' on a weekend :-)

very easy to use and speedy to recover.

  beeuuem 00:54 10 Jun 04

Yes - I upgraded from Acronis TrueImage DeLuxe (as supplied on cover disks) to Version 7 for $29.99.
From my point of view money well spent. Have had to use it a couple of times to restore Win98 and it saved alot of time and effort.

  TomJerry 11:37 10 Jun 04


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