Acronis True Image options.

  Daibus 16:29 29 Sep 05

Sorry to ask what is probably a simple question but I've just installed Acronis version 8 and am using it in conjunction with a LaCie External 160GB Drive and all seems to be working well but what is the main difference between the options - Create Image and Disk Clone?

Many thanks.

  MIke 16:37 29 Sep 05

I too use TI 8 as far as I'm aware disc clone is used if you want to install a new hard drive in your pc, a larger drive for example. Using disc clone you can set up the new disc for use and let TI create partitions on the new drive, or in the manual mode resize these partitions. I've not used that feature myself, only used the prog to create images for backup purposes. I'm not sure if you could use a backup image to set up a new hard drive in your pc, though I would hope that is an option if the original drive were to fail. Then again installing a new drive is an ideal opportunity to re-install your OS afresh!

  De Marcus™ 16:37 29 Sep 05

An image is a 'recording' of your current setup that is used to restore should things go belly up and you don't want the hassle of reinstalling from scratch.

Cloning a disk is for when a drive goes down completely and so all you have to do is replace it with the cloned one.

In your case, the image is a better option as you can't put the external drive in your current drives place. (without disassembly at least)

  alan227 16:44 29 Sep 05

An Image is what is used to restore your computer to exactly as it was in the event of a hard drive failure.
A disk Clone is used to transfer operating systems, programs & data from one hard drive to another.

  mosfet 17:51 29 Sep 05

You could also restore an old image to a new HDD.An image is compressed usually to save disc space if you have many,like me I have all the family's images on a external HDD.

  Simsy 23:05 29 Sep 05

That a disc clone is for the whole disc, whereas an image is for a partition, (or combination of partitions).

If you only have 1 partition on the disc it amounts to the same thing.

As usual, I'm open to correction!!



  woodchip 23:13 29 Sep 05

You are all correct

  woodchip 23:24 29 Sep 05

You would not be able to Clone a Drive to CD without putting it on several CD's and Hard Drives size, today would mean a lot of CD's and think True Image would mess it up trying

  woodchip 23:33 29 Sep 05

No you would have to fite a Hard Drive as Slave to Clone

  Daibus 07:00 30 Sep 05

Many thanks for your replies but if I make a Disk Image to my External HDD and my Primary HDD does indeed fail or my OS etc fails, can I Boot Up and restore completely from the External HDD with the Disc Image or would I have to have had a Disk Clone on my External HDD instead?


  450223 07:51 30 Sep 05

I have made a archive back up in C:\Documents & Settings\ My name\Desktop I have verified the archive and all is well.

When I open my NTI CD Writer software and look for the path C:\Documents & Settings\ My name\Desktop I can not see the archive, so can not write it to a DVD+R disc..... what am I doing wrong please. When you have told me how I see the archive, do I make the DVD+R or both the DVD+R discs that I shall need bootable?


Should I be able to make the archive to DVD+R disc or discs directly from within the Acronis True Image software? If I am to use this option I assume I will not need the eight boot diskettes!

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