acronis true image and new motherboard

  sinbads 17:04 20 Apr 07

My pc has just died click here

My question is does fitting the same mobo mean a clean install and if so can i restore from an image made to external drive as this will be an image of the old mobo?

  sinbads 19:12 20 Apr 07

any thoughts?

  I am Spartacus 19:24 20 Apr 07

Never done it myself but if it's exactly the same Mobo then I can't see why a disk image wouldn't work without any problems.

  sinbads 20:25 20 Apr 07

Hopefully the motherboard will be an exact replacement .but as recomended by other forums ( to do a clean install to avoid problems) would i get away with a repair rather than a clean install as there are programs that will be lost if i choose the clean install ?

  johndrew 20:32 20 Apr 07

You will probably have a problem with wpa.dbl (the activation file) but otherwise everything else should be the same. That`s what backups are about (I hope).

Let us know if you need to reactivate XP as it may help any of us in the future.

  sinbads 20:54 20 Apr 07


understand that it will need to be reactivated, the comp is only 3 months old ;but replacement of a major coponant will require this.

normally if the comp has a problem you can simply restore using the backup and usually thats no problem, not sure if changing a major componant like a motherboard would afect the restore.

it will be windows vista i would need to reactivate (could be the first)

  Strawballs 21:05 20 Apr 07

If you use exactly the same make and model of motherboard then a clean install should not be neccesary as windows should not notice any difference and the drivers will be the same, even if you do have to use an Acronis image then reactivation will not be needed.

  sinbads 22:24 20 Apr 07

Thanks thats reasuring, it may not be the motherboard it could be a fried cpu, won't know till the technician comes.Not happy with the psu being only 280W max !!

  sinbads 15:24 26 Apr 07

THe engineer came within 2 working days and as supected it was the motherboard, took the engineer 20mins to remove the old board swop the psu fit it all back and test. Quiite impressed with the service. Three year gaurantee too!

Thanks for your support and no after effects with the peplaced mobo


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