Acronis True Image clone to Internal Hard Drive.

  Daibus 12:05 25 Oct 05

If I clone the C:/ Drive to my 2nd Internal Hard Drive using Acronis True Image 9, is it OK to BootUp normally or should this 2nd Drive with the clone be disabled or disconnected, in case of corruption to my system? I am using an External USB Hard Drive for normal BackUp.

Many thanks.

  PaulB2005 12:06 25 Oct 05

After cloning you would nomally disconnect the drive and make it the Master and then use it.

If you are cloning for backup reasons it would be better to make Images and then store them on the second hard drive for recovery with the Recovery CD.

  Daibus 12:23 25 Oct 05


Cheers for your reply, so am I right in saying that as I'm backing up Images to my External Hard Drive there is no reason to Clone to an Internal Drive as well?

  PaulB2005 12:29 25 Oct 05

Cloning is usually used to transfer your system to a new hard drive for replacement or upgrade.

I use TI to create Images of my C Drive and store the images on my D Drive and occassionally copy one to an external USB drive. I've only used the Clone Disk feature once to replace a failing drive.

By the way have you tested to see if your USB drive is readable using the Rescue CD? Some USB controllers don't work well under TI.

  Daibus 12:38 25 Oct 05

Cheers again and I will check if my USB Drive is readable using my Rescue CD.

  Mr Beeline 22:06 29 Nov 05

Going back to Daibus's original question.

Would it be OK to leave the cloned drive in and boot up normally? Even though the second drive is also in fact a bootable drive.

Questions of my own...

Does it make any difference if the disks are SATA?

and could you then use the feature of TI9 to then carry on and update volatile files on your clone from your original drive? (say once a week).

Ye I know this maybe sounds like a cack handed way of backing up, but I like the idea of having a second bootable disk that I could just boot straight from.

Thanks all...

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